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I want to show you how to import Cad file such as Catpart/sldpart,... in Ansys workbench ..
when you install ansys you should check this options , but if you forgot or ....
follow this step.

  1. Import Images New York
  2. Autocad Import Images

Course in ANSYS Import + meshing issues. License for an ANSYS connection and an AGHM import license. • The images shown in this section may vary slightly.

My Ansys version is 14.5 and it work in all version upper 12
step 1:
Start -> all programs -> ANSYS 14.5 -> Utilities -> CAD Configuration Manager 14.5

Polka Dot Images/Polka Dot/Getty Images. Related Articles. Import the scanned image into AutoCAD. Type 'Imageattach' into the command line or select 'Import' from the File Menu. PDF files have been added to the Import File formats, and now you can import the geometry, TrueType text, and raster images from a PDF file or underlay them into your drawing as AutoCAD objects. Unlike in the past versions of AutoCAD, the new 2017 version is now capable of importing a PDF file directly into the drawing space.The PDF files.

( Run with run as administrator )
step 2 :

In tab ---> 1) cad section tick workbench and ansys gemoetry interface..
2) in Cad products tick Program that you need to know cad file for ansys. such as : Catia v5 , solidworks ...

3) click to next

step 3:
when you click on next you went to cad configuration :

1) click on configure selected cad interfaces

now you see front of you proga that choice ....' Configure Success '

click on exit and Enjoy this :D


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What if it shows a 'configure failed'. Can you please help me with this problem.

CatiaV5 WorkBench Reader ..... Configure Success
SW Workbench PlugIn ..... Configure Failed -- Registration Error

what should I do for SW, even its registered ?

Import Images New York


If i press CAD Selection,Ansys Products so Workbench and Ansys geometry interface doesn't seem. I just see Autocad , Catia V4-5-6 , Pro Engineer,Inventor,JT, NT ...but there is not Ansys Products. What can i do?

Thank you from now...

Build your component in SolidWorks
1. Draw the desired beam in the SolidWorks
2. Export the file into IGES format
File > Save as > Change the file type to “IGES (*.igs)” > Click “Options” > Change
the “Surface representation/System preference' from 'Standard' to 'ANSYS' > Click
'ok' to close 'Export Options' > Choose the folder and the name the file is saved >
Click 'ok'

Autocad Import Images

Import file in ANSYS window
1. File Menu >Import > IGES > Click ok for the poped up dialog box > Click
'Browse' and choose the file saved from SolidWorks > Click ok to import the file.