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About the FoRT

The Foundations of Reading Test, also known as the FoRT, is designed to assess a teacher’s proficiency and depth of understanding of students’ reading and writing development. The test reflects scientifically based reading research and is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

The UWM School of Education offers multiple opportunities to help you prepare for this test. Our test prep courses can provide you with specific strategies for analyzing and answering FoRT questions, and as well as practical advice for studying for this high-stakes test. We also provide a study app so you can practice on the go. Finally, we offer small-group and individual tutoring opportunities; contact us for more details!

Get the App!

We know studying comes in a variety of forms, and sometimes you only have a minute or two for a quick review. Here’s where our FoRT ‘app’ comes in: use it as the bus stop, while waiting in line, at the coffee shop, or from your couch during commercials. Immerse yourself in all things FoRT!

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Only have a few minutes? No problem! Answer just a few questions. Want to sit down and study for an extended time? Sounds great! No matter your preference, if your goal is to pass the FoRT, we want to help. Come on – give it a try!

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Test Prep Support

UWM offers non-credit and for-credit options for preparing for this high-stakes test. These opportunities are designed to support individuals seeking a teacher license in all of the following areas:

  • Kindergarten to grade five
  • Reading teacher – initial license only
  • Special education
  • Reading specialist – initial license only

Most of our FoRT test prep courses are two, half-day weekday or Saturday session on the UWM campus. The for-credit option includes an online component as well. There are two ways to register, depending on whether you’re a current UWM student or community member:

Current UWM Students

In PAWS, sign up for CURRINS/EXCEDUC 377, which is a one-credit, pass/fail class. Refer to the UWM Schedule of Classes and look for either:

  • CURRINS 377 under “Curriculum and Instruction”
  • EXCEDUC 377 under “Exceptional Education”
Amethyst Foundations Of Reading

Amethyst Foundations Of Reading

Despite having different prefixes, these courses are identical. Make your choice based on whether you want a course from “Curriculum and Instruction” or a course from “Exceptional Education” to show on your transcript.

Community Members (not current UWM students)

The FoRT test prep course is offered in a non-credit option for community members. Refer to the School of Continuing Education Website for more information on workshop schedules, program costs, and cancellation/refund policies.

Note that enrollment in these courses is limited, and current UWM students receive priority. Confirmed registration is required prior to attending sessions.

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Contact Us

For questions about the FoRT or our test preparation supports, please contact us at [email protected]

Other Resources

We recognize there are other resources out there to help you prepare for the FoRT. Here some of our favorites:

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