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Attempting to run Altera Quartus II (2) 9.0 on a remote RHEL5 Linux (2.6.18-308.1.1.el5 kernel 64-bit) box over a SSH connection via PuTTY 0.62 and a local Xming X server running on Windows XP/Win7.

I have set PuTTY up to forward X11 and successfully remotely run other X programs on this server.

If I use Cygwin/X X server, Quartus II 9.0 displays correctly.

Xming X server does not report any visible errors on the command line; it just seems to hang after displaying an initial blank, white box.

Is this a known issue with Altera Quartus II 9.0 and Xming? Is it possible to know the root cause of the incompatibility?

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When using X11 remotely over putty, I usually get similar results unless compression is enabled (in the putty settings somewhere). Not sure if it'll solve your issue, but it's worth doing regardless...

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